Allt om Karlsson på taket (in Swedish)
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Allt om Karlsson på taket (in Swedish) in the group Books / 6-9 Year at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (104951)
Allt om Karlsson på taket (in Swedish)

Allt om Karlsson på taket (in Swedish)

Up on the roof of a perfectly ordinary house on a perfectly ordinary street in Stockholm lives a gentleman called Karlsson. He is a handsome, wise and suitably chubby man in his prime, and he lives in a tiny little cottage hidden behind the big chimney. Karlsson on the roof is good friends with Lillebror who lives on the fourth floor. One beautiful day, Karlsson comes flying in through the window to Lillebror. And then he starts Lillebror’s steam engine, because Karlsson is the world’s best steam engine operator. Oh, and by the way, Karlsson is in fact best at everything, if we are to believe him at least. And Lillebror believes him. Lillebror thinks that Karlsson is best at everything – at least he is the world’s best playmate. Collection with all three books about Karlsson, illustrated by Ilon Wikland. (In Swedish)

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