Kajsa Kavat (in Swedish)
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Kajsa Kavat (in Swedish) in the group Books / Collection books at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (104960)
Kajsa Kavat (in Swedish)

Kajsa Kavat (in Swedish)

A collection of stories by Astrid Lindgren in which we get to meet many different children, ordinary and extraordinary, happy and unhappy, almost all of them brave and cheeky, quick and clever, with a twinkle in their eye: Brenda Brave, for example, who helped Grandma with the Christmas preparations and sold sweets in the town square, or Kalle at Bäcktorpet who was the only one who wasn’t scared when the big bull got loose. There is also Märit, the main character in what may be the saddest story of them all, and Albin and Stig who compete to see who can jump the highest. (In Swedish)

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