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Sunnanäng (in Swedish)

Sunnanäng (in Swedish)

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  • “A long time ago, in the days of poverty....” is how each of the beautiful stories in this book starts. It is ‘Sunnanäng’, which tells the story of the two young siblings Anna and Mattias. They became alone in the world and had to work hard for the farmer in Myra. It is ‘Spelar min lind, sjunger min näktergal?’ in which the poor little girl Malin longs so intensely for something beautiful and fun in Norka’s poorhouse that a linden grows from an ordinary pea. It is ‘Tu tu tu!’ in which Stina Maria becomes a prisoner of those underground after the wolf killed all the sheep of the poor people of Karpela village. And it’s ‘Junker Nils av Eka’, a hero’s tale in which fidelity and courage prove to be qualities that even overcome death. Sunnanäng contains some of Astrid Lindgren’s finest and saddest stories. (In Swedish)
    Article nr: 104967
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  • Character: Others
    Language: Swedish

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