Visst kan lotta cykla (in Swedish)
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Visst kan Lotta cykla (in Swedish) in the group Books / 3-6 Year at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (105013)
Visst kan Lotta cykla (in Swedish)

Visst kan Lotta cykla (in Swedish)

Lotta is the youngest in the family, but she thinks she can do almost anything, such as ride a bike, for example. It’s Lotta’s fifth birthday, but her birthday doesn’t turn out at all as she had imagined. Well, it starts out fun, but the most important birthday present is missing: a real bike instead of her useless tricycle. Then Lotta gets so angry that she nicks Mrs Berg’s old bike. It is of course way too big, but Lotta is not afraid. She put Bamsen on the back of the bike and whizzes down Troublemaker Street. It’s a disaster! But in the end, Dad brings home a second-hand bicycle for Lotta. Lotta can now ride a bike! A book that will feel familiar to siblings and parents alike. (In Swedish)

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