Titta, Madicken, det snöar (in Swedish)
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Titta, Madicken, det snöar! (in Swedish) in the group Tip / Christmaspresents / Advent at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (9789129701814)
Titta, Madicken, det snöar! (in Swedish)

Titta, Madicken, det snöar! (in Swedish)

At last it’s snowing over Junedale! It’s lovely, and Lisabet and Madicken play like crazy in the snow. But the next day, Madicken is ill. Lisabet has to go by herself with Alva to buy Christmas presents. Then Gustav comes and tells Lisabet that she’s just a little kid who doesn’t dare to hitch a ride on the back of a sleigh. And, before she knows it, she is standing on the runners of Anderson’s sleigh on her way out somewhere in the forest. Illustrated by Ilon Wikland.
(In Swedish)

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