Ronja Rövardotter –Vildvittrorna del 2 (in Swedish)
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Ronja Rövardotter - Vildvittrorna del 2 (in Swedish) in the group Books  / 6-9 Year at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (9789129702606)
Ronja Rövardotter - Vildvittrorna del 2 (in Swedish)

Ronja Rövardotter - Vildvittrorna del 2 (in Swedish)

This is the second comic book about Ronja the Robber’s Daughter based on the animated TV series from Studio Ghibli. Winter has come to Matt’s forest. Ronja gets a pair of her own skis and while all the robbers are snowed in, Ronja heads off on a journey of discovery. But the forest can be a dangerous place in the winter too, and when Ronja gets her foot stuck in a rump hob's hole, she almost gets killed. Had it not been for Birk, she might have been. Ronja discovers a secret passage under Matt’s Fort that leads to the Borka robbers’ halls. There she can meet Birk in secret, and he tells her that they have so little food that they are all starving. So, it turns out that Ronja saves Birk’s life too. (In Swedish)

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