Allrakäraste Syster
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Allrakäraste syster (in Swedish) in the group Books  / 3-6 Year at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (9789129697308)
Allrakäraste syster (in Swedish)

Allrakäraste syster (in Swedish)

The story of Barbro and her secret twin sister Ylva-li, with magical illustrations by Hans Arnold. Is it true that the twin sister Ylva-li lives under a rose bush at the bottom of the garden? Barbro goes down there one day when she is tired of her little brother and doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Down in the underworld amazing adventures await the two sisters. They play in the golden halls, ride on horses in the night through the Scary Forest and gets a poodle each: Ruff and Duff. The two sisters are very fond of each other and have a secret language only they can understand. (In Swedish)

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