Bara roligt i Bullerbyn (in Swedish)
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Bara roligt i Bullerbyn (in Swedish) in the group Books  / Collection books at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (9789129696554)
Bara roligt i Bullerbyn (in Swedish)

Bara roligt i Bullerbyn (in Swedish)

Of course it’s fun in Noisy Village! Lisa and Lasse and Bosse and Britta and Anna and Olle play their fun games, climb rocks, chase aurochs, feed lambs, catch crayfish, sleep in the forest at night and dance around the maypole when it is summer in Noisy Village. “I feel sorry for all the children who don’t live in Noisy Village,” says Anna. It is only when she and Anna have to babysit Olle’s little sister that it can be a bit hard.

The third book about the Children of Noisy Village. (In Swedish)

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