Pippi Perspektiv
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Pippiperspektiv - anthology (in Swedish) in the group Books / Book accessories at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (105231)
Pippiperspektiv - anthology (in Swedish)

Pippiperspektiv - anthology (in Swedish)

Pippi Perspectives - Strong voices on the strongest girl in the world!

For 75 years she has conquered the world. Entertained, surprised, questioned and provoked. Loved by children and held up as a figurehead and symbol for freedom and anti-authoritarianism, Pippi Longstocking remains as relevant now as she was when Astrid Lindgren wrote the first book about her as a world war raged. No one is unmoved by Pippi Longstocking!

Pippi Perspectives is a jubilee edition where famous writers and illustrators present their image of Pippi Longstocking in words and images. Here you will find original, amusing, thoughtful texts and interviews by sharp-eyed Swedish and foreign writers, fantastic newly drawn illustrations and lots of fun facts about Pippi Longstocking. (in Swedish)

€30 / €19

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