Ronja Rövardotter
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Ronja Rövardotter (in Swedish) in the group Books / 6-9 Year at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (105018)
Ronja Rövardotter (in Swedish)

Ronja Rövardotter (in Swedish)

One of Astrid Lindgren’s biggest adventure stories, a Romeo and Juliet story about Ronja and Birk who are children of two rival robber chiefs. The children’s friendship is threatened by a family feud, and the wild nature with its many creatures becomes their refuge. It is a fight for peace and justice and against evil and stupidity until Ronja and Birk finally manage to bring out the good in the tough robbers. A story that, like so many others by Astrid Lindgren, has become a modern fairy tale and influenced many generations. (In Swedish)

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