Tunic Pippi pocket - short sleeve in the group Clothes / Kids 86-152 at Astrid Lindgrenbutiken (100212)
Tunic Pippi pocket - short sleeve

Tunic Pippi pocket - short sleeve



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  • Description
  • A short-sleeved Pippi Longstocking tunic in bright yellow, with one sleeve red and the other blue! In the front, the tunic has two large outside pockets - also one red and the other blue. The neckline is edged in red and in the middle there is a large rubber print in the color of the strong Pippi carrying around Lilla Gubben and Herr Nilsson, with the text Pippi in red and Long stocking in green below the picture.

    Made of:
    100% organic cotton

    Machine wash:
    40 °.
    Article nr: 100212
  • Materials and care
  • Character: Pippi Longstocking



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